Proud to be a gamer? (Part I)

In the future, everyone wears leather.

Just this morning, Codemasters presented a new franchise entitled Damnation, with a couple of screens to accompany their announcement. Two questions immediately spring to mind: 1) When is this shit going to stop? 2) Are all character designers idiots? Yeah, adding tribal tattoos and a few extra belts will help me relate to your bland, generic female character, for sure. Come to think of it, it will probably help me relate to real-life women in general, because everyone loves sluts with huge lower-back tattoos who can’t even dress themselves properly. Jesus Christ. Dawson is not going to like this. Because as you all know, Dawson doesn’t care for boobs.

I recently wrote a post on character creation, which is due out soon, so I must admit that the timing for this announcement is striking. Still, it burdens me with shame. Proud to be a gamer in these days, anyone? And please, easy on the “u are gay” comments.


4 Responses to Proud to be a gamer? (Part I)

  1. Johannes says:

    u are gay!!!?!!:–

    Boobs ftw!!! ;D nOoobZ.

    Just kidding :)

  2. amateuse says:

    yikes. cranky. boobs are great.

  3. David says:

    Aww… Yeah, who can deny the lure of a nice pair of breasts? Not me. 1st day buy, for sure…

  4. dnkn says:

    I’m so gonna buy that game – as long as I can adjust the “jigglyness” like in DOA.

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