Review: Brothers In Arms (DS)

2/5. Dawson’s irritated.

This game has been awarded with high scores overall, and as the last person alive to ever review this game (I was always a late bloomer) and, apparently, one of the last sane reviewers around, I’ll try to explain why almost all before me are incorrect.

Brothers In Arms for the Nintendo DS starts out really nice. Graphics certainly impress, you can use cover, the Nazis scream at you in actual German, and the grenade-throwing is especially well implemented. Now, as you progress through early levels, you have high expectations of what’s ahead, but that sweet anticipation is soon muddled by a few too many problems. For starters, controls are unresponsive and imprecise, the cover system turns out to be sluggish and poorly executed, and the initial awe inspired by the graphics soon wears thin. Bugs and framerate issues appear so frequently that you begin to wonder if this game was such a good idea after all. To have a plane dip at me at 8 frames per second really doesn’t impress me that much, neither does breaking through a wall with a tank when there’s no sound to punctuate and accentuate the destruction you’re witnessing on screen. In such situations, the most apparent flaw of Brothers In Arms is becomes crystal clear: It’s so maxed out, so determined to bring the other consoles alarm and audiovisual overload to the DS, that it shoots itself in the foot while attempting to do so.

However, the vehicle driving sections deserves mentioning alone, since they are so amped up that it feels like going snowboarding on landscape-coloured snow, really messed up on drugs (any kind of substance where you gnash your teeth into small, sharp splinters), with a World War going on somewhere in the lift area. Oh yeah, and there are Nazis everywhere in the slopes, taking aim, but they can’t hit you, because you’re moving too fast. Good times, indeed.



3 Responses to Review: Brothers In Arms (DS)

  1. amateuse says:

    dawson looks like an actual game avatar placed like that.

  2. gnome says:

    Ahh, the sheer honesty of video game blogging… Great review mate!

  3. David says:

    Thanks! Almost forgot: I got Brothers In Arms at for £9.99, which is a good price, but still not quite worth it. If anyone reads this and wants to give it a try despite the review, you can have mine if you bother to write me a letter. A real one. On actual paper.

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