Waiting for Sid Meier’s Revolution

Clearly not the DS version.

I’m hoping that Sid Meier will deliver the goods come June, when Civilization Revolution drops. There has been lots of previews lately, and most importantly, a screenshot from the DS version. Now, as I’ve explained before, I’m a reformed PC strategy nerd. These days however, I want to play expansionist games in airports, in bed, or even in my bathroom. I also have the need of holding a cup of coffee in one hand, so there better not be any buttons to press whilst managing my troops. Granted, the DS version looks like Civ II or some mobile phone version, but that doesn’t matter. Age of Empires proved that the DS is a well suited platform for strategy gaming. Full circle. Anyone else with high hopes?


3 Responses to Waiting for Sid Meier’s Revolution

  1. amateuse says:

    *squuuueeeeeeel* high hopes high hopes high hopes

  2. gnome says:

    With the exception of airports, I guess I’d like to take Civ around with me. Oh, yes, and that was a particularly promising screen indeed.

  3. The graphics look a little cheesy to me, but thats just my opinion

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