Gaming on the go (Mobile games roundup)

Ah, mobile games. The poor and diluted gather ’round, come closer, and I’ll tell you about that time I descended into the abysmal depths of horrible, watered-down versions of already bad games. I originally wanted to include a list of all the bad games I tried, but alas! – the list was too long. In fact, I rummaged through at least a hundred of them, and ended up with five games that I could actually recommend:

Orcs & Elves (and Doom RPG): Both by id Software, and I’ve played them for hours – at work, at home, in the bathroom… Everywhere.
I love turn-based dungeon crawls. The aforementioned is generic fantasy in the same vein as Eye of the Beholder (for those who remember), sans the confusion of static movement. Doom RPG is essentially the same game, only it’s set on Mars instead of in some Dwarven fortress (come on, you know the story). Half-Elf or Marine? You decide. Tetris: You can’t go wrong with this classic game. Not even on your phone, it seems. Prince of Persia – Sands of Time: Well-crafted and nice to look at, but short. It’s over in half an hour. However, the presentation and crisp animations make up for it. Plenty of traps, too. Might and Magic II: Consider this a fairly standard RPG in every respect, even though the graphics are nice. I’ve only spent a limited amount of time with it, but so far I’ve actually enjoyed myself. Has nothing to do with the strategy game of yore, so don’t get too excited.

There you go. Ah, don’t mention it. I have uploaded a small pack containing the five games mentioned above. Feel free to download it.

5 Responses to Gaming on the go (Mobile games roundup)

  1. dnkn says:

    I really want a better phone so I can play the id Software games. I just love those guys. They just won’t stop with the innovating! Can’t wait until their new game Rage is released. Mad Max car chase of death!

  2. David says:

    Yeah, buying new phones sux. It might just be the most boring thing ever. Worth mentioning is that the uploaded pack is for Sony-Ericsson series k600i and up. You can get the games for other models simply by browsing some torrents. And I have to say I enjoyed Orcs & Elves the most.

  3. dnkn says:

    Can’t even say I know what phone model I have. Some kind of Nokia. With re-inforcements, flashlight and a compass. Very necessary after the apocalypse, except you can’t play any games on it.

  4. David says:

    Well, you’ll need entertainment after the apocalypse, too… Ah, the difficult decisions in life. Has anyone else played anything worth bothering with on their phones lately (or ever)?

  5. dnkn says:

    Snake and Tetris always work.

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