Review: Warhammer 40K – Squad Command (DS)

July 7, 2008

I haven’t posted any reviews for a while, main reason being I haven’t played a lot of games either. I could write something about GTA IV or something like that, but you’ve all played it. So here’s a Warhammer 40K game for the DS instead, entitled Squad Command. First of all, critics have spent a lot of time whining and complaining about the fact that the “pre-rendered cutscenes” that graced the PSP version are strangely absent in the DS version. Shut the hell up.

Anyhow, there’s more than a slight UFO (that’s X-COM if you grew up State side) feel to this game: turn-based squad management, line of sight, action points. I could go on. Good things, indeed. But let me tell you of another thing, something that drives me absolutely insane:
the isometric view in 3D. Meaning, the game is presented in a isometric view of a fully 3D environment, which translates to the fact that the camera is fixed to the same spot, and you can’t rotate the camera, making walls and other scenery almost impenetrable to the human eye. Seems to me that it’s totally unnecessary to make a game in 3D if it doesn’t affect your perspective. Just to sum things up, this title is uninspired. Keep it simple next time.