October 15, 2008

Alright. Bad news. I guess I don’t have to explain it to you. Here are some of the drafts that were never published or finished: The Civilization Revolution review, Saving Ghost Recon (an open letter to Ubisoft), You Broke My Heart (Halo 3), Braid review, My world is dark and rainy and you’re useless in it, Proud to be a Gamer (part II), not to mention various hatemails and faux interviews. Here’s a collage of some of the pictures I was hoping to use. It’s been fun. So long!

Civ Rev demo out…

June 9, 2008

…on Live and PSN. I’ve tried it once, and I’m about to give it a shot later today as well. Tried it? Any thoughts? I’ll update soon.

Waiting for Sid Meier’s Revolution

April 2, 2008

Clearly not the DS version.

I’m hoping that Sid Meier will deliver the goods come June, when Civilization Revolution drops. There has been lots of previews lately, and most importantly, a screenshot from the DS version. Now, as I’ve explained before, I’m a reformed PC strategy nerd. These days however, I want to play expansionist games in airports, in bed, or even in my bathroom. I also have the need of holding a cup of coffee in one hand, so there better not be any buttons to press whilst managing my troops. Granted, the DS version looks like Civ II or some mobile phone version, but that doesn’t matter. Age of Empires proved that the DS is a well suited platform for strategy gaming. Full circle. Anyone else with high hopes?

Darwinia+ confirmed for Live

March 27, 2008

Survival of the Flattest.

Introversion has confirmed that Darwinia, along with multiplayer version Multiwinia, is coming to Xbox Live this Fall. Now, if you’re still unfamiliar with Darwinia, I suggest you download the demo (Windows, Mac, whatever) for an invigorating take on the RTS-formulae. Since Xbox Live is an cesspool of old mediocre games presented in slightly newer fabric (Track & Field aside), I’m sidling in with Joystiq, suggesting someone get to work on that DEFCON port already. It’s the most obvious thing ever, really.

Eno and Wright on Generative Systems

March 11, 2008

The father of ambient music, and some other guy.

This is really something. I watched some of it yesterday, and I recommend it to anyone with even the slightest interest in interactive media, games, or music. Brian Eno and Will Wright discuss games, music and everything in between at a seminar organised by The Long Now Foundation in June 2006. Click here to watch the video (1:38:40). Highly recommended! (via Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

Proud to be a gamer? (Part I)

March 7, 2008

In the future, everyone wears leather.

Just this morning, Codemasters presented a new franchise entitled Damnation, with a couple of screens to accompany their announcement. Two questions immediately spring to mind: 1) When is this shit going to stop? 2) Are all character designers idiots? Yeah, adding tribal tattoos and a few extra belts will help me relate to your bland, generic female character, for sure. Come to think of it, it will probably help me relate to real-life women in general, because everyone loves sluts with huge lower-back tattoos who can’t even dress themselves properly. Jesus Christ. Dawson is not going to like this. Because as you all know, Dawson doesn’t care for boobs.

I recently wrote a post on character creation, which is due out soon, so I must admit that the timing for this announcement is striking. Still, it burdens me with shame. Proud to be a gamer in these days, anyone? And please, easy on the “u are gay” comments.